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BRITTANIC ASSURANCE With Profits Endowments


If your endowment policy with BRITTANIC ASSURANCE is not performing to expectations and are considering surrendering the policy and cashing it in, then you might want to consider selling it instead.i want to sell my BRITTANIC ASSURANCE endowment policy

Read what the UK Government have to say about selling endowments below on the right.


Policies with Britannic Assurance plc (formerly Britannic Assurance Company Limited), Britannic Unit Linked Assurance Limited (BULA) and Britannic Retirement Solutions Limited (BRS) moved to Phoenix Life Limited in 2006.

BRS was the new name given to Evergreen Retirement Assurance Limited when it became part of Britannic Assurance plc in 2002


BRITTANIC ASSURANCE Endowment Policies That Sell

In order to stand the best possible chance of selling your BRITTANIC ASSURANCE endowment please take not of the points below:

  • Your BRITTANIC ASSURANCE endowment policy should be at least 5 years old.
  • The BRITTANIC ASSURANCE endowment must be 100% "With Profits" -  unitised and unit linked policies are not saleable.
  • The latest up-to-date surrender value must be at least £3000
  • All the required information on the endowment selling form has been supplied by you.



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how to sell endowment policies
endowment selling checklist Print the endowment selling checklist to ensure you have all the details needed
endowment surrender value required before selling endowments Contact your BRITTANIC ASSURANCE endowment policy life office to get the up-to-date surrender value. No more than 5 days old
selling endowments form to send to the endowment traders Fill in the BRITTANIC ASSURANCE endowment selling form and submit your endowment policy sales details
await an offer for selling endowments Await a response to see if your BRITTANIC ASSURANCE endowment policy has received an offer


endowment policies that sell to endowment policy traders

 Only Brittanic Assurance

 "With Profits" endowments are

 bought and sold. Unit linked

 and unitised endowment

 policies are not offered on by

 the endowment policy traders


advice on selling traded endowment policies   selling with profits endowments


Extracts From Government Publications


CP 106 "The Personal Investment Authority (PIA) issue guidance (Regulatory Update 85) in March 2001, asking provider firms to take steps to ensure that policyholders who were considering the surrender of a life policy were informed that they might be able to trade their policy instead."

COB 6.5.50R(5) "requires a firm to ensure that the policyholder is made aware of the existence of the secondary market and how he might access it."
"If you have a with-profits endowment policy, you may be able to sell it on the second-hand endowment market.
If you’ve been paying in for at least seven years, you’ll probably earn more if you sell a with-profits policy rather than cashing it in."